FRANKLIN, PA – On Father’s day, Tri-City Raceway Park presented a Sunday Thunder program with a bonus feature for the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks. Taking the wins were Erick Rudolph (21st Century Energy Group 358 Modifieds), Jeremy Weaver scoring his first career 410 win (Krill Recycling 410 Sprint Cars), John Mollick (4 Your Car Connection RUSH Sprint Cars, and Bob Conner and Bobby Whitling (Hovis Auto & Truck Supply Pro Stocks).

358 Modifieds

In the 21st Century Energy Group 358 Modifeds, points leader Chad Reitz led the first five laps from the outside front row starting spot. Eric Gabany, subbing again for car owner Steve Slater, ran second, followed by Rudolph Hayden Holden, and Kyle Fink.

Rudolph moved into second on lap five, and he drew a bead on the leader. Coming down the long back stretch on lap six, he made an inside move to grab the first position.

Rudolph did not wither to the pressure applied by Reitz following the pair of restarts that punctuated the remainder of the race. Reitz gave up second to Gabany in the second half of the contest. Fink also picked up a position as the laps were winding down.

At the checkers, it was Rudolph for the second week in a row. He was followed by Gabany, Fink, Reitz, and Holden. Makayla Shannon was sixth, followed by her father, Frank Guidace. Lenny Liebold, III, was eighth.

Gabany was the heat race winner. There was no B Main.


21st Century Energy Group 358 Modified Feature:  Erick Rudolph, Eric Gabany, Kyle Fink, Chad Reitz, Hayden Holden, Makayla Shannon, Frank Guidace, Lenny Liebold, III.

Rudolph Repeats at Tri-City